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Shower Installation, Replacement & Repair Services

Welcome to A-1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, Orange County California’s top provider of shower installation, replacement, and repair services. We are a licensed and insured company with more than 20 years of experience in bathroom tile installation and replacement. Our reliable, professional team is dedicated to providing quality services to our customers at an affordable cost.

At A-1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, we are committed to providing the highest quality of work and customer service. We understand the importance of having a properly installed and functioning shower in your home, and we are here to help. We will help you with everything from replacing a leaky faucet to remodeling your entire bathroom. We will provide you with an accurate cost estimate before beginning any work.

For shower installation, replacement, or repair services in Orange County, CA, look no further than A-1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing. We are a reliable, experienced, and professional team that will ensure your project is completed correctly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information!

Clogged Shower or Bathtub Drain
The drain in your bathtub and shower can get clogged from hair, soap scum, and residue buildup. We do not recommend using chemical drain cleaners since this can damage your pipes in the long run. Instead, regular maintenance will help you upkeep your pleasant shower experience. One simple way to clear out any drain clogs is to pour hot water down the drain opening. You can do this on a weekly basis to prevent clogs and residue from building up in your pipes.

Another way to clear out any clogs from your drain is to use a plunger. A plunger utilizes air pressure to forcefully clear away blockages and break up any clogs in the pipe.

  • First, remove the drain covers or stoppers from the drain’s opening.
  • Place the plunger over the drain opening, and pump the plunger to create suction.
  • Without letting go of the suction, fill the bathtub with enough water to cover 1-2 inches of the plunger, and begin to pump the plunger with water from the tub.
  • The suction and air pressure combined with the force of the water will create enough motion to move and break up any clogs or debris within the pipe, thereby clearing the pathway.

Consider Updating Your Shower Fixtures
With all the new available features and updates for a shower, there’s no reason to get stuck in the past with an outdated shower room. Imagine turning your shower time into a luxurious spa with warm streaming body jets and an overhead shower head that gives you a rain bath. Features such as temperature control and steam generators can make your shower feel like a pleasant steam room. Glass paneling and mosaic tiling will give your shower a sleek feel. Best of all, upgraded features will raise the overall value of your home!

With all these positive incentives, who can resist the idea of turning a mediocre routine into a daily spa visit? Let us help you see all the different possibilities of what your home shower can offer you! Call 714-497-0869 today and A-1 Speedy Rooter, and Plumbing Inc. will send over an expert to help you install the latest and greatest for your shower and spa needs!A-1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing Logo. Offering Shower Installation and Repair

For all your home’s shower and plumbing needs, A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, Inc. is here to assist you and will deliver excellent, quality service! We pride ourselves in delivering great customer care! Our experts will be happy to help you with all your questions and concerns. We offer emergency plumbing services 24-hours, 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to enlist our help for your shower emergencies! Call us today at 714-497-0869!

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Don Lott
Don Lott
Excellent. Repaired bath faucet. Cartridge went bad. Gave me a time window so I knew when to expect them. Plumber was super nice and fixed the faucet no problem. Price was very reasonable.
Dianne England
Dianne England
I hired them last week for a plumbing job and they were on time, friendly, HONEST and fair priced. I'd definitely call them again!
Mathew Brady
Mathew Brady
If you need a plumber, look no further than this company. Our water heater broke and we called several companies. A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing was the only one who called back within 10 minutes and not only that,they sent one of his guys out within the next hour.
Willardx Tanner
Willardx Tanner
Bernie and his Technician were great. I had three plumbers diagnose my issue and couldn't detect the problem. Bernie came out, diagnosed the problem within 10 minutes and charged me a reasonable price. I will definitely refer him to friends and neighbors.

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